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Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE)

Harnessing Subsurface Utility Engineering for Efficient Project Execution


Are you planning an infrastructure or construction project and uncertain about the exact location of hidden utilities? At Safe Site Damage Prevention LLC, we have the solution: Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) services. Our team is equipped with the latest technology and expertise to accurately identify, map, and manage underground utilities, thereby ensuring your project's success and safety.


What Is Subsurface Utility Engineering?

Subsurface Utility Engineering, or SUE, is a branch of engineering that focuses on the management of underground utilities. It involves identifying, locating, and mapping utilities concealed beneath the ground such as water pipes, electrical conduits, gas lines, and more. Utilizing SUE services can significantly reduce risks associated with damage to utilities during construction, avoiding costly project delays, service disruptions, and safety issues.



Levels of Subsurface Utility Engineering:

SUE services are typically divided into four quality levels, each providing different amounts of data and accuracy.

QL - A 

The most detailed level, involves precise location of utilities through vacuum excavation techniques to expose the top of the utility structure, allowing for measurements to be taken for size, condition, material type, and precise horizontal and vertical location.

What We Do:

At Safe Site Damage Prevention, we leverage cutting-edge technology for effective utility mapping. One such technology is Augmented Reality (AR). With AR, we superimpose digital information, such as the utility maps created from our SUE process, onto the real-world environment. This approach provides a comprehensive, real-time visual understanding of the site, empowering project teams to make informed decisions, minimize risks, and improve productivity.


In conclusion, Subsurface Utility Engineering is a vital practice in modern construction and infrastructure projects. It minimizes risks and fosters efficiency, ensuring project timelines and budgets are met. By integrating SUE services and leveraging advanced technologies like AR, Safe Site Damage Prevention, LLC is poised to guide your project to successful completion.


Whether you're ready to get a quote or just seeking additional information, we're eager to hear from you. Partner with us at Safe Site Damage Prevention, LLC and experience the future of utility management today.

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