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Damage Prevention Services

Warning flags on the green grass of a residential lawn, used to prevent injury when diggin

Contract Utility Locating (811)

The prospect of breaking ground on a new landscaping or building project is exciting. However, you can't rush to dig up your plot and start laying foundations if you don't know what's under there. The ground beneath our feet is a maze of unseen cables and pipes providing basic utilities we can't live without. The best public utility locating services can help you get a better idea of what's down there and how to avoid it.

Why Should You Call 811 Before You Dig?

It is vital that you call 811 before starting any major digging project, even if it seems minor and inconsequential. This ensures you know what's going on under your feet before you start and that those in charge of all utilities know you're working in that area. The last thing you want to do is compromise a sewer pipe, disrupt a water main, or tap into a dangerous gas line.


If you do this at least a couple of days before starting a project, you can allow time for people to come out and mark the approximate location of the underground services. You are then free to proceed around these marks with caution. This free federal service is a great tool. However, you can also call on professionals for precise public utility locating services.


What To Expect With Independent Professional Location Services

The beauty of turning to an experienced public utility locating team like ours is that you get a skilled hands-on team who can create detailed maps of underground utilities. This is important for large-scale projects where there may be a complex network of pipes and cables underneath a large area earmarked for construction. This includes any significant municipal works and urban regeneration, as well as government work and upgrades carried out by utility owners.


Anyone can benefit from the high-end services and precision on offer here. Rather than rely on maps and old data to place flags in the ground, we can use ground-penetrating radar and electromagnetic solutions to detect the exact location of essential pipes, cables, and other components. This should allow for greater peace of mind that workers can dig and develop without accidents or make it easier to adapt plans as necessary.

Choosing The Best Utility Locating Company For The Job.

With so much at stake here, you need a company with the experience and skill to handle the job. This means a track record for precise mapping with no accidents and the ability to handle a range of tools for a comprehensive image. On top of that, we can also promise you the most cost-efficient solution possible from professionals that are personable, punctual, and ready to handle every inch of the site.

If you require a high-quality public utility locating service for an upcoming project and want to work with the very best, we can help. Give us a call or fill out our contact form. We can give you a quote upfront and discuss how to move forward with the project. With our help, you'll have a stress-free ground-breaking ceremony in no time.

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