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Private Utility Locating

Private Utility Locating Companies: What They Do and Why They Are Important


While a lot goes on when you're carrying out a construction project on your property, it's important to remember that there are many things to consider going on underground. Knowing what's happening beneath the surface is essential to avoid costly damage and project delays and ensure the safety of the personnel working on your project.


This is where Safe Site Damage Prevention come in. A Safe Site Damage Prevention private locator will identify where underground communication cables, sewer pipes, ventilation shafts, gas lines, tanks, pipelines, etc. are located in relation to your project. In this post, we'll explore how private utility locators operate and how you will benefit from bringing them on board.


Let's dive right in.

What Do On-Site Utility Locators Do?


While blueprints and historical records are helpful documents, we can only rely on them partially whenever we want to carry out a construction project. Blueprints can be outdated, and today's underground environment contains many more types of utilities, such as fiber-optic cables, than there used to be.


A professional utility locating service company has specialized equipment and techniques to accurately identify these underground features, including:


  • Concrete scanning

  • Electromagnetic Detection

  • Underground Camera Inspection


With the results of these operations in hand, they will be able to provide you with an accurate underground map that will ensure you don't hit anything you can't avoid once you start digging.


The Benefits of Private Utility Locating Services


A property owner or contractor will enjoy plenty of advantages by calling in an expert utility locator. These include:


Enhanced Efficiency and Cost Effectiveness


Rather than wasting time by trial and error and wasting untold amounts of time on a site, a utility locator can help you develop a clear map of where to dig and where not to dig. This is the most cost-effective way to start any project, ensuring you don't incur any avoidable costs down the road.


Avoid Penalties and Fines


In most jurisdictions, utility companies and local councils will issue fines and penalties if you accidentally interfere with any utility lines by accident. These fines can be pretty hefty depending on where you are and what type of line you hit, so it's always better to avoid them.

Increased Safety


Whenever we work with power lines and other utilities, there's always a risk of harm to the people involved. This is why safety standards on all construction sites are so critical. By hiring a utility locator, you can ensure everyone's safety by identifying any potential underground dangers in advance.


Minimized Risk of Project Interruption


Interfering with underground utility lines comes with the risk of service interruption, which can cost you and your community plenty of time, money, and embarrassment. An expert utility locator can help you avoid such potential calamities, ensuring you do not have to pause your operation or interrupt people's power, gas, cable, water, or any other utility.


Final Thoughts


Carrying out a successful construction project calls for considerable care and attention. Aside from all the details that need attention above ground, you must also be careful about what's beneath your feet. An expert utility location service company will have the skills, experience, and equipment necessary to provide a clear map of the utility lines and facilities underneath your property and the surrounding streets and pavements. Don't start digging blind. Call us today for a private utility locating quote. You won't regret it!

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